How to Feel When a Lower Belt Taps You

People come to BJJ from all different walks of life. Some people are young when they start and some are old. People also have very different goals with regards to the gentle art; some want fitness, others may want medals.
If you’re older, it is inevitable that a younger, stronger, faster lower belt will tap you; especially if they are investing more time than you on the mats. If you’re not one of the older guys or gals, then maybe it’s a good wake-up call. Sometimes we need a little humbling on the mat and that’s okay. On our journey there will be plenty of times that we get “caught” by someone who really shouldn’t be catching us but these are growing experiences in which we learn a very important lesson in humility. 
And remember, like Grandfather Helio once said, “There is no losing in jiu-jitsu. You either win or you learn.”
In short, don’t feel bad if a lower belt taps you, embrace it and learn from it.